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Dark Roast

This is a roast type that gives the coffee a moderate dark brown color with light surface oil. It has caramel flavor accompanied by a bitter sweet after taste. At this level the acidity is low and the body is heavy. The origin characteristics are less prominent at this roast level.

Medium Roast

This is the roast type that is commonly known around the world. It has a medium dark brown color accompanied with light oil sheen. This roast is achieved at the second crack. The roast character is prominent when cupping the coffees.

Light Roast

This is the preferred roast type by most specialty roasters and cuppers. The light roast brings out the flavor and intensifies the origin characteristics of the coffee. It is usually accompanied by a complex acidity.


There is no specific bean, blend, or roast level required to make an authentic Turkish coffee. As long as the beans used are free of defect and of premium quality, you can make a perfect Turkish coffee. However, the beans must be ground to the finest possible powder form. The grounds are the finest of any other way of coffee preparation.

ethiopian jebena

Jebena is a traditional Ethiopian coffee-brewing instrument usually made of pottery. It has a spherical base, a neck, pouring nozzle attached to its spherical base, and a handle. Coffees for Ethiopian Jebena are dark roasted and coarsely grounded.

Aster's Blend

Aster's Blend is the ultimate balance of body, flavor, and aroma, which makes it the houses favorite coffee. It is a medium-dark roast created by blending washed and natural (sundried) coffees in a precise proportion. It is available in both ground and whole beans.

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Great Quality coffee

First and foremost what makes our coffees great is the good Earth that grows these fascinating fruits here in our homeland Ethiopia, the origin of coffee. What makes Aster Bunna's coffees truly unique is our family's long relationship with coffee that dates back to the 1950 E.C. Coffee goes through various processes before it is even ready to roast. But of all the process a coffee bean goes through, roasting is undoubtedly the shortest and most challenging. Roasting coffee is an art that is mastered through years and years of experience. It requires skills, acute senses, precise machineries, and most of all PASSION to become a master roaster. It is a combination of these rare elements that allows us to bring the “magic” out of each coffee bean that arrives at Aster Bunna.