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When you drink Aster Bunna you are not just drinking coffee, you are drinking you ‘satisfaction' itself. At Aster Bunna the customer can choose to purchase the roasted coffees as whole beans or grounded beans.


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Aster Bunna brings world-renowned quality Ethiopian roasted coffee beans directly from the land of its origin to your door and cup. Coffee was growing in Ethiopia for centuries before it was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder in the 13th century A.D. Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica coffee and provider of the world renowned Yergacheffe, kaffa, Djimma, Sidamo and Harar coffee. Order or come to Aster Bunna and enjoy genuine Ethiopian coffee flavor.

We provide roasted coffee to all coffee lovers and enthusiasts in the world. We provide our coffees to government and non government offices, embassies, hotels, restaurants, cafes and soon at selected supermarkets. We export our quality coffees to our clients in: USA, Germany, Russia, England, and China.


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Fresh roasted coffee by your preference of light, medium or dark roast to enjoy your cup of coffee.


Preferred with the houses dark roasted coffee but you can have it with medium or light roast as your choice.


Made with an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk foams.


Our cappuccino is prepared with the houses espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam.


Light or strong coffee drink made using the houses special espresso and steamed milk.

Hot Tea

Our hot tea is quite aromatic; carefully prepared by adding mint and cinnamon to a boiling water.

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Maintaining top quality standards is what makes us one of the best roasters in the nation. Our general manager Mrs. Aster Mengesha has been in the coffee roasting business for more than 19 years. Our employees in charge of sorting, roasting, and grinding the coffees have been actively engaged in the industry for more than 10 years. They have specialized in the art of roasting that is attainable only through on the job experience. To complement their skills we use the best German manufactured machinery in the coffee industry. In addition, we blend our coffee in a unique way to bring out the best flavor and aroma.



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What makes our coffee great

First and foremost what makes our coffees great is the good Earth that grows these fascinating fruits here in our homeland Ethiopia, the origin of coffee. What makes Aster Bunna's coffees truly unique is our family's long relationship with coffee that dates back to the 1950 E.C. Coffee goes through various processes before it is even ready to roast. But of all the process a coffee bean goes through, roasting is undoubtedly the shortest and most challenging. Roasting coffee is an art that is mastered through years and years of experience. It requires skills, acute senses, precise machineries, and most of all PASSION to become a master roaster. It is a combination of these rare elements that allows us to bring the “magic” out of each coffee bean that arrives here at Aster Bunna.

production & management

We have integrated high capacity modern processing and roasting machineries and knowledgeable employees into our production and management systems. We have also diversified our product mix by integrating works of arts that portray Ethiopian culture and tradition. We now have seven different coffee types at Aster Bunna. The world-class Ethiopian Origin coffees such as YIRGACHEFFEE, HARRAR, SIDAMO, LIMU, DJIMMA, and LEKEMPTI are also available for export by Aster Bunna. Aster Bunna has 15 employees of which 70% are women. Women account for most of the key positions in the company ranging from coffee sorting and roasting to finance and ownership. Empowerment both inside and outside the company and social responsibility are some of the important ongoing journeys of Aster Bunna.